We have decided to utilize Portainer recently. And I must admit that the experience been a positive one for us.

We have been using DevOps tools such as Jenkins, Terraform, Cloud Formation, Ansible, Prometheus, Docker, Docker Compose, Kubernetes, etc. however for containerized applications we wanted to try one of the visualization tools. We have had some experience with Rancher however this time the team decided me to experiment with Portainer. I must admit that you cannot have some functionalities you can imagine however simplicity and lightweight nature of the user interface was the convincing part for Portainer decision. Portainer CE…

Portainer? Decision making journey before start using Portainer

Here where I work until very recently, we were a very happy family. We were very happy with our pipelines, very happy with our microservices and most importantly we were very proud of our docker containers and Kubernetes. Everything worked like a swiss watch and we were proud of our family traditions.

One day an evil man stood at our doorstep and that scruffy-bearded man said, “There are alternatives to Kubernetes.”, we were shocked. Never thought that one day we would abandon our well-oiled Kubernetes machine. We were destined to live happily…

We’ll take a brief look at automation tools in this article and compare two basic approaches to designing automation processes. We have a range of options when it comes to automation technologies. However, it would be better to see the categories that exist to better understand the structure and determine what (s) best suit our needs. The following are the two main approaches to Infrastructure as Code:

1- Imperative; also, often known as workflow-based or procedural-based approach. The imperative model focuses on how you do something.

2- Declarative; also, often known as model-based approach. …

Popular DevOps tools review

Here are some of the DevOps technologies and tools used these days. Don’t worry if you are new to DevOps and microservices because I will be using as simple and plain language as possible. Some of these tools mentioned are very popular, and some of them are ordinary. You will have an overall idea about the tools after reading the article. It is not possible to dig into every tool in an article. So some of the tools will be touched briefly with just a name and a short definition.

We are witnessing a rapid advancement of DevOps technologies these…

If you are new to container orchestration and Kubernetes, do not worry. We will have a glance at what container is and what Kubernetes do for us. Finally, we will set up your first Kubernetes cluster together. Let’s start now to save time.

1- What is a Container?

A container is a standard unit of software package consist of actual executable code and all its dependencies. So the application runs quickly and reliably from one computing environment to another. …

M. Altun

2x AWS certified DevOps Engineer at Finspire Technology. Previously Product Owner at Met Mar. Trained by Clarusway. An ordinary bloke from London.

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